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Romina - my story

After an adventurous 15 years traveling throughout South and Central America learning the secrets of macramé and filigree design, Romina met Benji on a trip to Chicago and they married in 2015.

Though she no longer lives the life of a nomadic artist, Romina continues to design and craft handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry in her Naperville workshop. As a vendor, she frequents the local French Markets and Chicagoland festivals, and her distinctive booth display is well known to those with a keen eye for talent and authenticity.

Together, Romina and Benji work as a team to create exceptional designs with authentic semi-precious stones… and to raise their joyful and boisterous 5 year old, Neyen.

Romina, of course, is the illustrious artist... while Benji handles material procurement, scheduling, balancing the books, and carrying the heavy stuff to and from the work van.

If you see Romina at one of local art shows, ask her to demonstrate for you some of her other talents: juggling, playing the flute, or hanging from tree branches doing fabric acrobatics..






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